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Marriage is a home, a refuge against the outside storms.

And like any house, it requires a strong, lasting foundation.

A distinction must be drawn between crimes established by treaty or convention and crimes under customary international law.

Treaty crimes only bind parties to the treaty in question, whereas customary international law is binding on all states. Hannam, to open fire on a wagon train containing Afrikaner women and children who were coming in to surrender at Fort Edward, on 5 September 1901.

To build one, every couple needs to take certain steps — seven, to be precise — that turn the two of you into not just you and me but we.

You may not move through all the steps in order, and you may circle back to complete certain steps again (and again and again).

This included the systematic destruction of crops and slaughtering of livestock, the burning down of homesteads, poisoning of wells and salting of fields. The ambush and fatal shooting of the Reverend Carl August Daniel Heese of the Berlin Missionary Society near Bandolierkop on the afternoon of 23 August 1901. Heese had spiritually counseled the Dutch and Afrikaner victims that morning and had angrily protested to Lt. Heese's driver, a member of the Southern Ndebele people, was also killed. Instead, they were met at the Sweetwaters Farm near Fort Edward by a party consisting of Lts. The letter then accused the Field Commander of the BVC, Major Robert Lenahan, of being "privy the these misdeamenours.

They should be applauded for it.” A Pennsylvania State University found that middle-school students who frequently use “techspeak” when they text performed poorly on an English grammar test. “The big difference with the Internet is that this kind of non-standard usage is much more visible, and so is likely to trigger changes in standard usage,” he said.

Last week, prominent education professor Sugata Mitra caused a stir in Britain when he told that traditional English grammar and spelling tests — recently mandated for 11-year-olds in the country — were “a bit unnecessary” in 21st century classrooms, valuable “maybe a hundred years ago” but “not right now.” The professor of educational technology at Newcastle University whose claim to fame is the ‘Hole in the Wall’ experiment in India, in which he set up a computer in a Delhi slum and saw children learn on their own (a hallmark of the ‘minimally invasive education’ credo he promotes), received “rude mail in perfect English” decrying his position that spell-check can handle the spelling and children should focus on fostering creativity.

This was just days before The Atlantic reported on a forthcoming “autogrammar” correct function being developed for smartphones, so your texting partners will never find out you can’t tell the difference between ‘we’re’ and ‘were.’ In an email to the reader is possibly unable to make [the] conceptual jump,” he wrote, to understand that assistive technology is a learning tool, that once spellcheck corrects you once, you won’t make the same mistake again. quality=75&strip=all&w=300&h=210 300w" sizes="(max-width: 620px) 100vw, 620px" / It’s a point made clear by the relaxed language use in email and on social media.

But if you make it through them all, you'll be well on your way toward creating a marriage that will be your shelter as long as you both shall live.

Step 1: Find a shared dream for your life together. But the best partners never lose sight of the fact that they're working together to achieve the same big dreams.

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Birthday wishes are received, cake is eaten, perhaps gifts are given.

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