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Entrepreneurs probably enjoy more tax-deductible expenses than anyone from another profession.

You’ll learn to wonder if that coffee (or a stop by a vendor during a trip) was another tax write-off for your entrepreneur.

The magazine also published many other lists and awards.

However, what really struck me was how incredible of a person his wife had to be to know what his entrepreneurship was doing to him.The trademark has generally attracted criticism for being on a commonly used word for which there is no substitute, and the aggressiveness with which it is applied has been noted as somewhat ironic; Business Week asked "why would the publisher of Entrepreneur magazine be bullying entrepreneurs?You may be able to pay less Capital Gains Tax when you sell (or ‘dispose of’) all or part of your business.As many smart individuals have opined, including Andrew Yang in “Smart People Should Build Thingsholding these types of individuals in such high esteem is one of the first steps to better integrating entrepreneurship, innovation and creation into our economy and the aspirations of young people.However, what I have seen in my own journey is there is another type of person who is equally, if not more so, deserving of credit: an entrepreneur’s significant other.

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