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Characterized by low assertiveness and high cooperativeness, accommodating involves foregoing one’s own concerns in order to satisfy the concerns of the other team members.

You can read more about the accommodating behavior for conflict management at the Idea Incubator.

Modifications include parents, spouses or siblings taking part in the daily routines with the sufferer to avoid provoking anxiety.

Dr Rocco Crino, a senior Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor at Charles Sturt University, describes family accommodation as a common occurrence in OCD consumers.

As operationalized in the interpersonal context by Blake and Mouton (1964) and later researchers, competing has been identified with forcing behavior and win-lose arguing; collaborating has been identified with confronting disagreements and problem solving to find solutions; avoiding has been identified with withdrawal and failure to take a position; accommodating has been identified with attempting to soothe the other person and seek harmony; and compromising has been identified with the proposal of middle-ground positions.

These accommodations need to be updated to include technology that the student can use to help them read the materials both in instruction time and on test.

The i Pad or i Pod has apps that can read printed materials to the student.

The footnotes from Professor Lynk's article have been removed from this publication. The Employer's Duty to Accommodate The essence of the duty is simple to state: Employers in Canada are required to make every reasonable effort, short of an undue hardship, to find an accommodation for an employee with a disability.

Its outer boundaries, however, are much harder to determine.

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Written work is frequently messy or sloppy (chicken walked on the page).

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