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Those standards impact teachers in several ways, including to guide them "toward curricula and teaching strategies that will give students a deep understanding of the subject and the skills they need to apply their knowledge" (Common Core State Standards Initiative, FAQ section).For many the standards require changes in how mathematics is taught, thus they will influence instructional strategies that educators use.The students of the experimental group were taught through the strategies of differentiated instruction, viz.flexible grouping, tiered instruction, and tiered assignments, in the areas of content, process, and product. Mc Innes, A., Expressive language difficulties in children with ADHD but no Language Impairment: Where should we be looking? Enhancing metalinguistic skills in adolescents during word study activities.

Martinussen, R., Tannock., R., Chaban, P., Mc Innes, A., & Ferguson, B. Increasing awareness and understanding of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in education to promote better outcomes for students with ADHD. My research focuses on three main areas: 1) discourse level oral and written language comprehension and production, and their cognitive correlates, in school-age children with behaviour/attention, language, and literacy challenges 2) factors supporting academic functioning and success of post-secondary students with ADHD in university coursework 3) approaches to professional development and building teacher capacity in support of adolescents with language and literacy difficulties Key words: Attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder, speech/language disorders, reading disorder, selective mutism, learning disability, listening and reading comprehension, working memory, executive functions, strategy-based learning; differentiated assessment and instruction, knowledge transfer for practitioners in education and health, pre-service education. Higher level language skills in children with ADHD: Getting the message across. 2 Annual ADHD Research Day, Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance, Annual Conference. Effective teachers recognize that all of these factors affect how students learn in the classroom, and they adjust, or differentiate, their instruction to meet students' needs.Tomlinson and Imbeau (2010) describe differentiation as creating a balance between academic content and students' individual needs.

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