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First, the level of "usable" hearing varies greatly from person to person.

Second, they may or may not speak, and communication may or may not require an ASL interpreter. You might meet one person who is deaf or hard of hearing who speaks and converses as would a fully hearing person would, while others would only use American Sign Language (ASL).

Ask an interpreter about the last time they had to interpret a math class with differential equations! Students who are deaf or hard of hearing will often require or benefit from accommodations in the form of an ASL interpreter, a volunteer notetaker (which is usually another student in the same class), and captions for any videos used in class.

If an employer determines that the cost of a reasonable accommodation would cause an undue hardship, he or she should consider whether some or all of the accommodation’s cost can be offset.

For example, in some instances, state vocational rehabilitation agencies or disability organizations may be able to provide accommodations at little or no cost to the employer.

There are also federal tax credits and deductions to help offset the cost of accommodations, and some states may offer similar incentives.

However, an employer may not claim undue hardship solely because it is unable to obtain an accommodation at little or no cost or because it is ineligible for a tax credit or deduction.

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