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If you're a Muslim in a Christian workplace, how can you satisfy your religious obligation of daily prayers?If you're a Jew invited to the company's "pig and pork roast" picnic, should you skip it altogether or should you attend and not eat? The employer must show that no reasonable alternative to the discriminatory rule was possible. writing for the majority agreed that when adverse effect discrimination is at issue an employer can uphold a general rule but must consider whether the employee can be accommodated without undue hardship.A reasonable proposal is one that does not cost anything and does not cause undue hardship. Offering to do something for your workgroup beyond what's required is one way to demonstrate you have the company's best interests at heart.

While precluding students from carrying weapons usually makes perfect sense, that particular standard appears to be a response to the Supreme Court of Canada decision in Multani (March, 2006).

The past few weeks have been difficult ones in Canada when it comes to the accommodation of religious belief and practice.

The Town of Hérouxville in Quebec has published “Standards” for its community.

Relying on the Supreme Court of Canada's decision in (1990), 12 C. Renaud because it feared that a grievance would be filed if it violated the terms of the collective agreement by allowing him to work different hours.

Renaud should have been accommodated and that both the employer and the union were liable for the failure to do so. The employer argued that it refused to accommodate Mr.

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In that decision, the Court permitted a Sikh student to carry a kirpan, or ceremonial dagger, because of the need to accommodate his religious belief and practice.

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