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We have updated the "All Records" button to show the user all records, even if they do not have rights to edit them, but by highlighting the row, the system will tell them why they do not have access to that record.Scheduled Member Type/ Status Changes - You can now pre-schedule a member type or status change to occur automatically at some point in the future.- Advanced ACL for Categories and Listings - Native User profiles in JV-LD - Custom/Extra Fields for directory - Category specific custom/extra fields - Assign and manage tags for listings - Cache directory pages for faster loading - Define access permissions for listings - Advanced download permissions for files in listings.This enables you to use JV-Link Directory as a software downloads directory.

JV-LD has been developed for about 9 years now and you can read existing reviews of JV-Link Directory at https:// What you can achieve with JV-LD?When you double click on a search result the system will automatically navigate you to that item in the system.Enhanced Grid Security - Previously, when a user had rights to a management grid, but one or more of the items listed was not available to them due to security filters, it was very hard to figure out if that record was missing or why the user was unable to find it.It is possible to quote others' messages as well as to edit yours.'Related issues' allow developers to link issues to each other in order to remove duplicates or simplify their workflow.

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- Exclusive In-Built community for users in JV-Link Directory, with directory activity stream and user avatars. - Google Maps to show listings on map with driving directions!

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