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In return, you receive the value of watching mouth-breathing, fame-seeking, cocktail-tossing caricatures maniac their way from one contrived scene to the next.

In most cases it is a net positive; this week it was not.

The Miller family's business on Main Street is a cafe, a coffee shop, an art gallery, a gift shop, an events space and also a music venue.

And it's part of an empire that also includes rental homes, a sawmill and an organic farm.

Ozzy Lusth won 0,000 as the "Sprint Player of the Season", winning this honor by the largest margin since the award's inception in Survivor: China, and earning the fans' vote over John Cochran.

The complete season was released on DVD on September 8, 2015, via's Create Space program.

Survivor: South Pacific is the twenty-third season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor. What was the thing that surprised you most when you first got to the island?

The upcoming season's tribes, Savaii and Upolu, are named after two islands in Samoa.

The "Redemption Island" twist will be back, which allows eliminated players an opportunity to return later in the game.

After a few days of shelter-less solitude she was joined by Christine, the second casualty, and the two sat beside a non-existent fire and moped.

As the ladies geared up for their balancing totem pole challenge, Semhar gave us another taste of her "spoken word performance art" which included such verses as "there is not one thing that I would not do, for my lover, my best friend, my honey, my boo," and "I would give birth to 10 of his children without using any drugs to help ease the pain and then I would give him one more." Ultimately, Semhar lost and was sent packing for good.

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