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This short test is intended to be educational and to help spread awareness.

(Note: There's some dispute in the psychiatric community as to whether there's a difference between psychopaths and sociopaths, but it's generally believed that psychopaths are violent, while sociopaths are not.

People are mysteriously drawn to them, even when they're not good-looking, said Dr.

Nicki Nance, who has worked with many sociopaths during her four-decade career as a licensed mental health counselor, in a phone interview. Research has shown that sociopaths excel at reading people's facial expressions and manipulating their own to appeal to others.

When someone asks me what one is, I mention the Max Branning character in East Enders. But he’s focused on fulfilling his own desires to the expense of all who cross his path.

9 SIGNS YOUR PARTNER MAY BE CHEATING ON YOU Even his children’s needs come a distant second to his. Their focus is very good, and if they want you, they’re totally focused on you. Wait until they’re bored with you — their attitude will change very quickly.

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Have you just had an experience with a man or woman that left your head spinning?

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