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"he's shit it", but Ken Caleno says it means to lose your courage (from Courage's bottled beer)]I'm off to buy a tung for the troubles birthday [Admittedly this isn't in common usage - the person who submitted it is an ex-pat living in Hong Kong - I just think it's neat that we Brits will try to bugger up the language of every country we visit!

Atypical meningiomas exhibit heterogeneous clinical outcomes. It is unclear which atypical meningiomas require aggressive multimodality treatment with surgery and radiation therapy versus surgery alone to prevent recurrence.

Sue Lawrence adds: "Gertie Gitana was indeed a music hall performer.

Frequent regions of gain were detected along 1q (59%), 17q (44%), 9q34 (30%), and 7q36 (26%).Despite the importance of T cells in controlling a number of genital pathogens, the behavior of pathogen-specific T cells in the genital mucosa is not well characterized.The major obstacle to studying primary T cell responses is the low frequency of antigen-specific T cells in naïve mice.Meningiomas comprise up to 30% of intracranial neoplasms (1-3).To date, it has not been possible to study antigen-specific T cell responses during primary infection of the genital tract.

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We identified the protective CD4-specific T cells were activated and proliferated in the lymph nodes draining the genital tract after primary intrauterine infection.

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