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On many occasions Jews were accused of the ritual murder of Christian children in what were called blood libels.The first known blood libel was the story of William of Norwich (d.

Standing apart from the dominant white society, yet engaged in a continuing dialogue with it, the church evolved with countless acts of faith and resistance, piety and protest. In its origins, the phrase was largely an academic category.This publications contains the full text of the Republic Act No.9262 also known as the "Anti-Violence Against Women and their children (VAWC) Act of 2004." It also contains the implementing rules and regulations for this law.Antisemitism in Europe in the Middle Ages was largely influenced by the Christian belief that the Jewish people were collectively responsible for the death of Jesus, through the so-called blood curse of Pontius Pilate in the Gospels.Persecutions against Jews were widespread during the Crusades, beginning in 1095, when a number of communities, especially on the Rhine and the Danube, were massacred.

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