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Realizing that he/she is a rare kind, you are being much more careful about what you say and what you do and at the same time you are far more eager to see and talk to that person.If you start dating that person and develop a good relationship, you are likely to experience that debilitating fear of loss, where you are really afraid to be dumped, or you are constantly worried that your relationship somehow won’t work out.See real example here: I realize that talking on the phone is “out of style” these days but if you met someone on Facebook, hearing each other’s voice is important to figuring out whether you are going to like each other, and texting won’t cut it.Instead, it will turn you into one of her texting buddies very quickly.A needy man will become very available immediately.You’ll probably hear a few phone calls on which his friends ask him to come out, and he says he’d rather stay in with you. a woman to make him feel fulfilled—draws the line somewhere.If you’re active in the dating scene, you’ll definitely want to steer clear of those men who come off as extremely needy and clingy.Here are 14 signs of a needy man that you’ll want to avoid, unless you want to deal with this type of guy.

You should never be getting to know a girl or letting her getting to know you by text.He will text you every hour on the hour and he calls you as much as he can.A man who feels the need to talk to you 24/7 is definitely a needy man.Shutterstock After the first few dates, this man is talking about a future together and already has plans in his mind.When a man tries to move things along very quickly, it’s a good sign that he is needy.

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