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The 2015 final rule leaves several fundamental issues unaddressed and should be viewed as a modest first step toward meaningful hospice payment reform.

Over the course of its three decade existence, the Medicare hospice benefit has been transformed in nearly every way: in the types of patients who use it, the providers that deliver it, and the dynamics of where and for how long services are used.

— You get a call from someone who says they’re from the IRS, and you owe back taxes. A pop-up on your computer warns your machine is infected and you need immediate technical support. You get a call: “Grandma, I need money for bail.” But is it really your grandchild? at Safeco Field for “AARP Day with the Seattle Mariners.” As a special bonus, AARP members and their guests can purchase tickets at a discounted price! — Explore the secrets of ancient China when the Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor exhibition premieres April 8, 2017, at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. — Over 100,000 people in Washington state live with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, and that number continues to grow.

“Imposter fraud” occurs when a scammer poses as someone they’re not in order to steal your money. AARP members and their guests get a discount off Terrace-level seating. The price includes a hot dog, salad, chips, cookies and a beverage. This exclusive exhibit will have a five-month run, ending September 4. For many people with memory loss, social stigma and barriers to inclusion can lead to shame, fear, and isolation. We recognize that people with memory loss are a vital part of our communities, retain remarkable strengths and stories, and deserve the right to fully participate.

This report shows how removing this barrier would benefit consumers, physicians, and the health care system.

Allowing APRNs to certify home health and hospice services can potentially decrease costs, expedite treatment by eliminating the need for physician sign-off, and allow patient-centered health care teams to practice more efficiently.

In response, Med PAC recommended in 2009 that Medicare move from flat per-diem hospice payments to an approach more accurately reflecting agency costs over the course of enrollees’ stays.

These costs resemble more of a U-shaped curve, with higher costs at the beginning and end of hospice stays and lower costs in the middle.

Thankfully, CMS recognized that this was a hindrance to enrollment and fixed the problem before the next open enrollment period.

Although the reforms are described by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization as “the first significant changes to hospice payment methodology since the Medicare benefit went into effect in 1983,” the scope of reforms in the final rule was quite modest.

The rule increased payment at the beginning and very end of Medicare enrollees’ hospice stays but left the current per-diem payment structure otherwise intact.

In addition, the visit is well reimbursed and has a high RVU value. I would like to address the barriers that discourage physicians from delivering the AWV and acknowledging how important it is to increase utilization of this valuable service.1. This may be true if the provider is still practicing medicine in a pre-health information technology environment, but now there are numerous technological tools to make the visit less time-consuming and efficient.

CMS encourages innovative ideas to deliver the visit as the law specifies that "the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) guidelines will be developed to provide that HRAs may be furnished through an interactive telephonic or web-based program; may be offered during the encounter with a healthcare professional or through community-based prevention programs, or may be provided through any other means the [HHS] Secretary determines appropriate to maximize accessibility and ease of use by beneficiaries"2.

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