Best friends before dating

It’s just the way it should be—easy, no pressure, totally relaxed.

Because you’re best friends, there’s no worry about saying something wrong.

They might not be the person you’re dating currently but the person who’s giving you advice about whoever you’re dating now.

The person you consider your last option may just as well be your best one.

And so it goes from there—developing into a Most people hesitate to move from a friendship to a romantic relationship, and for good reasons.

In this situation the friends need to decide if this new relationship is worth the risk involved.

When your best friend is the person you’re dating, it is far more than an emotional and physical relationship.

Or it could begin the same way, but continues to develop until you both realize what’s happening and take that next step. On the other hand, it’s hard to dismiss romantic feelings.If you’re lucky enough to even have the possibility of dating a friend, is it something you should consider?Dating your best friend can turn your most significant friendship into something really special.If you are seriously considering taking the next step, it will change the dynamics of what you have right now.I always say there are many ‘wrong ones’ we go through before the ‘right one’ comes by.

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