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These semesters are usually separated by a short vacation in addition to non-study periods around official holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Tel./Fax: 359 52 359 502 email: [email protected]–Rector for Educational Affairs, institutional ECTS coordinator: Prof.

Each semester is followed by an exam session with the specific number and date of the exams announced by the faculties in specified periods for the university. Tel./Fax: 359 52 356-088 email: [email protected] president: Yani Yanev Tel./Fax: 359 52 359 507 email: 52 359 [email protected] president: Assoc. Krasimir Nedyalkov, Ph D Tel./Fax: 359 52 359 597 email: [email protected]: Prof. Valeri Stoyanov, Ph D Tel./Fax: 359 52 357 066 email: [email protected]–Rector for Scientific Research: Prof.

Academic year 2015/2016 Start of the academic year – 1st Octomber Winter semester President: Prof. Pavel Pavlov, Ph D Tel./Fax: 359 52 357 066 email: [email protected]: Assoc. Eleonora Tankova, Ph D Tel: 359 52 359-526, email: [email protected] co-ordinator: Prof.

While working on her debut effort, Gomez collaborated with artists, Cody Simpson and Cher Lloyd.

Her official debut single, "Becky from the Block" (2013), received a positive reception upon its release.

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refers to "Before Guild", meaning that was the year prior to the Spacing Guild's monopoly on all space travel, transport, and Imperial banking.Gomez achieved mainstream success with the release of "Shower" (2014), which went on to enter the top twenty of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.The single would go on to receive a multi platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), denoting two million units sold in the country.“The past couple of years, we haven’t done as well everybody around town is used to.The fact that we won (District 3) brought a lot of our fans back out, and they believe in us.

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