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The largest (both heaviest and tallest) flightless bird, which is also the largest living bird, is the ostrich (2.7 m, 156 kg).Ostriches are farmed for their decorative feathers, meat and their skins, which are used to make leather.On the ground in front of me there’s a large round pile of what looks like moist purple mud. The third and largest—the southern cassowary—also lives in the Wet Tropics of northern Queensland, in the part of Australia that sticks up at New Guinea like a spike.It’s roughly the volume of a baseball cap, and it’s studded with berries and seeds—more than 50. Some live deep in tracts of rain forest, such as the Daintree; others live on the forest edge and may wander through people’s backyards. If an adult male stretches up to his full height, he can look down on someone five feet five—i.e., me—and he may weigh more than 110 pounds.

At the same time, scientists realized that everyplace ratites live or used to live (Australia, South America, Africa) was a piece of land that once belonged to the supercontinent Gondwanaland.

But new genetic evidence says that the group of birds including ostriches, emus, and other ungainly birds all came from flying ancestors.

They lost the ability to fly not once, but over and over again. The ratites are a group of birds that includes the ostrich and emu, as well as the kiwi, rhea (like a smaller, South American ostrich), and cassowary (with a bright blue face and what looks like a toenail on its head).

Attenborough calls ratites the “Flintstones of the bird world” because their lineage can be traced back to the age of the dinosaur.

Surprisingly, DNA from the bones of extinct ratites compared with that of today’s flightless birds shows their common ancestors actually could fly.

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Scientists have never been certain how ratites arose, or how they’re related to each other and to more normal birds.

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