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By summer of 2015, Myolie left TVB to explore new avenues.

In her schooling days, Myolie received high school education in Boarding School at Methodist College Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Shortly afterward, she signed on to TVB as a full-time contracted artiste and withdrew from school.

”When reporters said paparazzi had already caught her shopping with William in Taikoo Shing, Christine looked shocked and said, “Really? Seeing them pick and choose food ingredients shows me how attentive they are.” (Is Mr.

Myolie Wu Hang-yee (born 6 November 1979), is a Hong Kong actress and singer.

Born in Hong Kong with Guangdong Taishan ancestry, she is signed under for the Hong Kong TVB television station and a singer under contracts with Neway Star.

When asked why she didn’t invite Bosco to travel with her, Myolie said “If I go alone, I will be able to visit my old friends”.

Since she went on vacation with Bosco to Japan in the past, why doesn’t she travel with him this time around?

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Niki's school life ended when she was spotted by an agent who offered her a modeling opportunity. Cast by Amy Wong, her first TVB series was Hard Fate (翡翠戀曲).

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