Brendon urie and audrey kitching still dating

More specifically, his ex-bestfriend that he isn’t friends with anymore (AKA Ryan) 2.

Considering he has only been known to have had two girlfriends and one of them he is married to, that leaves to only one person: Audrey Kitching.

she walks along the edge of where the ocean meets the land just like she'swalking on a wire in the circus.

she parks her car outside of my house and takes her clothes off, says she'sclose to understanding jesus. round here we talk just like lions, but we sacrifice like lambs.

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"So you're good at pissing people off, and you need better taste in girlfriends," Shane says, his nose about three inches away from Brendon's, fingers lying hot along Brendon's jaw, hand close to Brendon's knee.

This would've taken so much longer without her.So for starters, let me make some introductions.

The first would be a screencap someone managed to snag before Ryan deleted his journal, where Brendon is being his usual (slightly immature) self.

Also, there’s one entry from ‘05 that seems a bit fishy to me, but still, all speculative.9-27-05 PDT - (No Subject)whisper babe..i'm as good as it gets in this town.whisper babe..i'm a fever you can't sweat out.

Also, sometime last year she posted these pictures to her My Space: For this, we thank her. They broke up last year, after she allegedly cheated on him, and Patrick took it hard.

From Alternative Press, February 2007: "The day we broke up, I called up our booking agent and told him to book March 22 because I didn't want to be home along on our anniversary.

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  1. Brie is a cornerstone of Community, the beloved meta-sitcom that has been repeatedly yanked around NBC’s schedule due to low ratings. Club spoke with the actors about a shelved Community porn parody, Brie’s stint as a teenage clown for hire, the fabled Party Down movie, and, of course, Insane Clown Posse. LC: Destiny was like, “Girl, stop messin’ around.” AVC: Why do you two have chemistry? A., but that’s always just a pleasant surprise when that happens. AB: Oh my God, it makes us feel more proud of the show than we’ve ever felt, because the fans are being so great about it. We love our show, so we’re not totally shocked, “Wait, people think it’s a good show?