Bristol dating her dance partner

There are a lot of haters out there just waiting for me to fail.This just gives me that much more motivation to prove them wrong." She said there were "no politics involved" and people were voting for her and dance partner Mark Ballas, 24, because of a consistent improvement in her dancing.

God Bless You, dear, sweet Daisy, wherever you are!Back in the “Good Old Days”, when moving pictures were about the only entertainment available, I’d take my dear, sweet Daisy to the picture show.She’d sit on my lap and wiggle around the whole time we were there.Miss Palin, 20, wore a Tea Party T-shirt to rehearsals and has been praised by conservative radio talk show hosts, which fuelled rumours of a voting conspiracy.But Miss Palin, who reached the final alongside actress Jennifer Grey and actor Kyle Massey, said: "It stinks people still don't think I deserve to be here.

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He is also a singer/songwriter/musician and released his first solo CD Hurt Love Box in March 2011.

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