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The exhibition includes archive documents that have never been published.Visitors can take their time as red velvet beds are provided to allow them to sit while they are reading up on the capital’s brothels.I need to count hairs on my head for the number of guys I’ve dated or slept with or had otherwise sexual relations with. New York City, in fact, which is full of underground sex for sale. Sex is for sale legally here, like much of the EU, so there’s less allure around it and less hype.Here, you can break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend and move out and have a new boyfriend or girlfriend within a week or two, or even days.

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I can’t speak for all of Belgium, but as a general rule outside of maybe Brussels, I can tell you… Of course there’s the usual dating motions to go through and all the getting to know each other on the first date like there is in America, but here there are just less games. Let that sink in, because it’s still sinking in for me even though I’ve been living here almost three years. New York’s a city like no other and therefore the games played in dating must be like no other.

Being from New York City myself, I know the dating game in the city can be sadistic. In a smaller country like Belgium and smaller city like Ghent, it’s logically milder the dating game.

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