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One of the features is the creation of an xsd file, which provides a succinct description of a Data Set.The other feature is the validation of an xml file with a schema. Therefore, one has to learn two diverse syntaxes; one for XML and the other for DTDs. The major flaw with the DTD world surfaces during the creation of new data types.

By Dan Wahlin Validating XML is important any time the structure or data contained within an XML document must follow a predefined format for an application to use it.

For instance, if there is an xml file, such as an invoice representing a purchase order, then this invoice must have a certain format or syntax, or else it must be bound by a set of rules. For instance, it is elementary to create a data type that restricts the value of an element to 1000.

The XML Schema, which is a substitute for the DTD or Document Type Description, represents these rules . However, DTD supports only 10 data types, whereas the Schema world supports more than 44 data types.

Hi there, I've created a strongly-typed "Data Set" using VS. Write Xml()" and later prompt my users for the name of the file in order to read it back in again (using "Data Set. In any case, my overall experience with this situation has been very frustrating.

Read Xml()"), how do I validate that the file they enter is valid. I just want to validate an ".xml" Firstly, add a while (reader. That will cause the reader to walk over the document.

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Xml Exception" if they enter a non-XML file, a valid XML file results in no exception even though the schema may be completely incorrect (if they enter some random XML file on the system that is). I just want to validate an ".xml" file but apparently I have to become an XML expert to do it. Interesting, I can't remember ever having to do the "Xml Schema Validation Flags. The method I use, which is almost definately slower given it doesn't use a reader, or if it does it's internal, is Xml Document. My testing shows that a conforming ".xml" file generates no warnings however so I'll have to assume that any warning is really an you normally install its ".xsd" file for this purpose, assuming you don't need it for anything else.

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