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The cameras will help build trust between police and the community, ensure an accurate record of encounters involving officers, help identify areas where police need more training and prevent costly lawsuits, city Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose said."The public will have more confidence and trust in the police knowing that their encounters with the police are being recorded," Ambrose added.Our records show that Ivy Sherwood is currently Everyone is entitled to an opinion but seriously????If there is anyone that can't see the absolute perfection of this lady... I'd lick, taste, eat, smell, and fuck this beauty every chance I'd get! If you don't like this wonderful porn star, why do you keep coming back to write bad reviews on her? If you think she sucks, is boring and doesn't want to be in's simple.. In short, he could pop off about the Pryor decision the way Delany did about the Newton ruling. He's too smart to throw stones, which makes him much wiser than Delany.

That seems a bit harsh, but as anyone who doesn't have Newton's face on a dartboard in his basement understands, a college football player receiving extra benefits is a more serious violation than his father discussing them.Her big breasts are yours to squeeze and her greedy twat with its landing strip of hair is yours to seduce and fuck.What did we learn about college football during the last week as some of us enjoyed a Christmas break? Terrelle Pryor is not Cam Newton, and Jim Delany is not Mike Slive. I love you." On "Real Housewives of New Jersey" love means never having to remember your criminal misbehavior landed your wife in prison for a year. Let's put aside for a moment the fact that the scene in the limo was clearly staged, because if Teresa's attorney James Leonard had already vetted Joe's friend, then Joe shouldn't be surprised that "Chris C., convicted felon," as the chyron helpfully reads, isn't wanted at the party. "), starts screaming at Joe Giudice on the street when he's denied entry to the party.

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