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Does it work as well or better XR verses just Adderall?

I have an autoimmune condition that severely limits my energy level.

I also have to take outrageous doses of Oxy Contin at least twice everyday for treatment of chronic neuropathic pain, and of course opioids are well known to be highly sedating. :) i, too, take the adderall 20 mg XR, and i take 2 or 3 in morning and most days, if it is a longer busier day, i will take another one, sometimes with a regular adderall 20 mg.

after almost 4 years of adderall, i can say a few things that i have noticed with total certainty, and wonder sooo much if any others out there have noticed same thing or feel the same way...

The most common sleep disorder, insomnia is what people mean when they say they are having trouble sleeping, or aren’t sleeping well.the first 2 years i took the XR i was able to take the Shire name brand.I take the generic version last 2 years and it is not the same.It is also the energy that fuels our sexuality and that we feel most strongly during orgasm.This energy circulates in our acupuncture system and its vortexes form our chakra system.

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If she gets up from her bed, she turns around and gets a very high blood pressure and must sit down again. Do you have an idea, whether the patches could help her? A very useful Acupuncture Technique I’ve learned from my Shifu back in Singapore several years back, which I’ve been using successfully in many different occasions…

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