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During that time they’ve had a number of spectacular, public breakups — sometimes because of their politics (they are very active …on complete opposite ends of the spectrum), sometimes because he is emotionally manipulative (he broke up with her once on her birthday because he “could never be good enough” for her), sometimes because of distance (they have been six-plus hours apart for 3½ out of the 4 years).She has numerous other guy friends and that doesn’t bother me, but this guy makes me particularly uncomfortable. Friendships with exes make the most sense when there has actually been a friendship — when there’s a broken-in companionship worth preserving — and when the physical connection either never sparked or sputtered out.Neither seems true here and, since I’m going off your description, you apparently agree.They have a few months of apparently good sexual chemistry that would have continued if he hadn’t abruptly split.If you wanted to have unfinished business with someone, that’s a splendid way to get it. — Anonymous 3Dear Anonymous 3: Technically abusive, no — however, dismissals like yours squelch discussion of the early indications of abuse, essentially denying people a chance to get out of relationships before they get dangerous.(function(){var g=[];g.push("// ZUc Rmx7p/hi-pri-render.js?

“A few extra pounds” does not mean 100 pounds overweight. Dear Abby • A woman should never post her previous wedding picture when looking for a new life partner. Late last year, she dated another man for about six weeks, and they were quickly intimate.Then he broke it off with her because he supposedly was still hung up over his ex.Then he contacted her with a phony apology and they again were intimate until he broke it off with her again.They’re still in touch regularly, and she has gone out with him at least twice in the last four months.

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