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He has also been married for eight years to his beautiful wife Nenne, who runs an upscale boutique. See full summary » Call Girl is set in the late 1970s - a time time of women's liberation, sexual revolution, Swedish neutrality, nuclear power and social security.

The film takes us on a trip from the very bottom of society, along dark back streets, through glitz and glamour, to the corridors of power which are a labyrinth of secrets.

There is also a depiction of Sweden in the 70's and working class fading ideals. See full summary » A tragic and comic tale about beautiful and self-absorbed Eva, who cheats on her boyfriend, which becomes the starting point of a slow but relentless descent down to the life of ordinary people and a surprising, but doomed friendship.

Frank leads a respectable yuppie life working at a noted Stockholm law firm.

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I saw on your Twitter that you’ve never played in Brooklyn before.

Famous for a relentlessly boss attitude and diva mentality, she's still grinding away, having just now put out a mixtape that's as tough as anything she's ever produced, and playing her first-ever show in Brooklyn this Saturday night, organized by vogue and rap superstars House of La Dosha, who told us they are her biggest fans. The story is inspired by a Swedish political scandal known as Bordellhärvan which linked underage prostitution with powerful customers believed to come from the highest levels of society.: Damn it, so many guys have problems you know I met this guy, who was impotent, and I said to him: "Give it a try with that girl, and then let's see if your impotent." Huh? Shit, sometimes Ive been thinking, maybe I should just call the the wives, have a chat with them, To fix it for them. See more » Swedish television and film director Mikael Marcimain's feature film debut which was written by Swedish screenwriter Marietta von Hausswolff von Baumgarten, is inspired by real events which took place in Sweden during the late 1970s.We talked to her about where she's at in her career, how she's stayed on top and what makes her a true diva. Go listen to "Chickenhead", "2-Way Freak" and "Good" for a refresher course in La Chat's raw realness, and check below for the full interview and info about this Saturday's show.

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