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— DEFISabolis-ar: (tr.) to abolish; -ismo: abolitionism; -ism-ano: abolitionist. exp.: Abolisar, abrogar, supresar: Supresar esas la generala vorto, la du altra esas specala e teknikal termini. — DEFabon-ar: (tr.) to subscribe for or to (a periodical) igar-ar: to cause (ulu) to subscribe to (ulo); -o: subscription (to a journal); -o-preco: cost of subscription; -anto-, -into: subscriber. : Aborijeno, indijeno: Indijeno signifikas simple la populo (raso) qua habitas la lando de l’origino (historiala). Omna Amerikani qui naskis en Amerika esas indijena, opozite a l’enmigranti ed a l’ Europani (mem samlingua e samrasa), ma nur l’ Indiani e simila rasi esas aborijena; IV-512-3. — DEFIRSabsorb-ar: (tr.,physical sense) to absorb; (fig.) to engross (attention); -o, -eso: absorption; -iva, -anta; -ivo, -ilo: absorbent; -iva papero: blotting paper; -o-puteo: cesspool. — DEFISacens-ar: (tr., intr) to go up, ascend, mount; -anta: ascending, rising; -eyo:place to mount (as stair, ascent); -ilo: lift, elevator, hoist; -o-festo: Ascension Day; -o rekta:(astron.) right ascension. Def.: Efektigar acidento ad ulu (ulo); IV-105, VI-162. Def.; Balonegi qui flotacas passive en l'aero (ne la direktebla baloni a qui esas rezervita la nomo: aernavo). — DEFIRSafecion-ar: (tr.) to have an affection for, to delight in, to be fond of (ulu, ulo); -ema, -oza: affectionate, fond, loving; -ata: beloved, devoted, Ex.: La Polonani afecionas sua patrio. — DEFan: (prep.) at, on (indicates contiguity, juxtaposition); dorso an dorso: back to back. Def.: L'ento metafizikala, la principo di vivo e di penso; V-32. to; apparition (thing visible); to put in an appearance, -anta: apparent, plain, obvious, ostensible, specious; -ar por la formo: show oneself; fantom- -o: apparition (ghost) Ant: Des-aparar. — DEFISarach-ar: (tr.) to pull or drag out (a nail, etc.); to tear out (the hair, the eyes); to grub up (roots); to tear away (a child from its mother); to snatch, wrest, extort, wring (ulo de ulu); Ex.: arachar afisho, konfeso, krii, lakrimi. — FSaranj-ar: (tr.) to arrange: make orderly disposition of, dispose of in a proper manner; (cf. Def.: Produktar statuo en korpala naturaleso od en vera reliefo; VII-414. On cizelas perspektiva figuro sur bloko, on gliptas reala figuro sur bloko, ma on skultas figuro de bloko, t.e. — DEFIS son-(ad)ar: (intr.) to sound: emit a sound; (of clocks) to strike; -igar: to ring (ulo); (cf. Sonigar (ulo) por la retreto, por servisto, por la dineo. Ex.: En voyajo on mustas karear multa kozi (pro ke la kozi mankas); ma se on havus li, probable on ne abstenus li, IV-658. -ito: vicitim of an a.; -oza: full of a.s; -e: accidentally, by chance. — DEFISaerostat-o: arostat, balloon (without motive power); -ala: arostatic. Def.: Igar la animalo min sovaja; (fig.) igar persono plu sociema. Il esas homulo di humoro sovaja; on ne povas amansar il. "Ampla" no-mizesas mantelo, qua fitas tre laxe la portanto, chambro od agro ube granda kunveno devas eventar; provizuro qua satisfacas la demandi esas "ampla", stato qua havas granda mar-komerco mustas havar "ampla" floto; IV-596. — EFISamuz-ar: (tr.) to amuse, entertain; (fig.) to distract, divert (cf. oneself (per, pri), to be amused (da); -(ad)o: amusement (act): -ivo:, ilo: that which amuses: plaything, toy; -anta, -iva: amusing; -anto, -ero, emo: entertainer; -achar su: to trifle away one's time. to, to agonize; -o: anguish: pang, agony, violent pain (of body or mind); -ig-anta: agonizing; -oza: full of a. — FIankro-o: anchor; -o-jetar, -agar: (tr.) to anchor; -ago: anchoring; -esar-agita: to be at anchor; -ag-eyo: anchorage; -o-trabo: (nav.) cat-head; -o-boyo: a.-bouy; driftar sur sua ankri: to drag one's anchors. psiko); -izar: to put soul into, to hearten; -oza: soulful, with spirit; sen- -a: without soul, inanimate; kantar kun -o: to sing with spirit. DEFISapar-ar: (intr.) to appear (to or before: -o, -ajo: appearance (act); ad, avan ulu); to become visible, be in sight, come to light; -igar: to cause to a. — DEFIRSaquir-ar: (tr.) to get (through one's own exertions), to become the possessor of (by purchase, by labor, etc.), to acquire, win; to contract (a habit, a sickness); to gain (affection favor), to incur (dislike, hatred); -o: (act) acquisition, attainment; -ajo: what is acquired. — FISskult-ar: (tr.) to sculpture, carve (ulo, en, ek); -(ad)o; -arto; -uro: sculpture; -isto, -ero: sculptor, carver. cizelar kapo (vizajo) homala segun la perspektivo, ma on skultas ol donante ad ol la reala formo. 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(object of action, thought, desire) il elevas su a la richeso e a la honori: he is rising to weather and honors; atencema a la diskurso, attentive to the discourse; surda a la ditreso-krii: deaf to the cries of distress; amo a Deo: love to God; me deziras a vu omna feliceso: I wish you all happiness. Abandonar persono, ofico, posteno, esas sive lasar li, nevolunte o kontrevole, sive violacante ula devo (abandonar infanti, parenti). to make less in height); abasar esas igar decensar ad infra nivelo. Ex.: La Portugalani esis le unesma qui abordis la literi di India. sole e sen docanto); prenar ulu aparte (por parolar a lu specale, exter e for la ceteri). Ex.: Aplastar insekto per la pedo, vit-beri per presilo. audaco); (inst.) plummet, plumb-line; -a: upright, plumb, self-assured, confident; stacar aplombe: to stand upright, plumb. — e FISardez-a, -o: slate; -ea, -atra, -oza: slaty; -a krayono: s. Def.: Deprenar gratante per instrumento ula parti de la surfaco di korpo. Ex.: La homo qua ne exajeras manjante, drinkante, qua esas moderema e su-dominacanta, esas sobra persono. — EFISsoci-o: society (in general) community: any large body of persons or living beings living a community life; -eto: society (formed for a particular object), association; (com.) company, partnership (cf. — EFISsol-a: alone; without company, sole, only (cf. Ex.: On ankore trovas kredo ad sorcado inter la populi savaja. — EFsordid-a, -ega, -acha: (of things) dirty, nasty, foul, soiled, sordid, slovenly, sluttish; (fig. shaminda, pudora); -eso, -ajo: (quality, object) dirtiness, filthiness: dirt, filth; -(ul)o, -acho: a dirty person; -igar: to dirty, soil. Ex.: Sordida aquo, linji, chambro, manui, homo, avareso. COM WEBSITE OR ANY OTHER WEBSITE, APPLICATION, PRODUCT OR SERVICE LINKING TO OR CONTAINING THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS (EACH A "SITE").YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF AND AGREEMENT TO ABIDE BY ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH HEREIN GOVERNING YOUR USE OF THE SITE AND ANY MATERIALS CONTAINED HEREIN IS A CONDITION OF YOUR RIGHTS TO FURTHER ACCESS THE SITE AND ANY AND ALL MATERIALS CONTAINED ON OR ACCESSED THROUGH THE SITE.They are also offering a 30-day instant money back guarantee and incognito mode downloads to make your downloads 100% anonymous. Are you ready for an all-natural, more than a mouthful monster meal of awesome boobs? Kudos to Mona, there are only a handful of girls that could handle what she just endured.Cast: Bobbye Bentley, Britney Brooks, Jordyn Peaks, Lexxxi Lockhart, Natalie Norton If you're looking for big, round juicy melons filled with nothing but all natural goodness than you've definitely picked up the right DVD! They're all real and ready to be squeezed, sucked, fucked tweaked, licked and covered in warm cum! Pornstars: Mona Wales Read the rest of this entry ...

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