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There were some crackpot teachers that apparently were frustrated from their lives in St.Patrick's High School Karachi and gave the students more or less the same treatment.Beautiful Kalash people, having blond hair, fair skin, and green eyes, also live in Chitral District in three remote mountain valleys: Bumburet, Rumbur, and Birir.

This frustrated guy did not even spare girls, punish him to the max. Every third child in public schools in Pakistan has gone through the same cruelty and yet the government has never took them seriously until just recently a few steps were taken.The lawless wilderness, whose name loosely translates as "Red Forest," sprawls along the northwestern frontier with Russian Tuva.Although it was once freely traversed by migratory Tsaatan reindeer herders, who foraged and hunted and grazed their animals there (and dabbled in a little horse rustling and smuggling themselves), Mongolian authorities booted everyone about 30 years ago and declared the region off-limits except by special permit.As a student of perhaps sixth or seventh I was severely beaten by one of my class teachers that left blue marks on my body. Teacher was arrested Headmaster was severely warned. It reminds me when I was going into a public school forty years back. The owner and the principal should be locked up and ban them from this noble job.This teacher was released only after he asked to be forgiven and losing the job. There were few teachers and monitors famous punishing students like this. My wife gets occasionally severe headache due to the unnecessary banging of her head with another student by their teacher when she was in 4th grade.

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