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If you are lovers of agriculture and nature and want to connect with our special landscape, join the views, song and fruit tour guided by Yontan Alter, a senior member of the Kibbutz and one of the members of the Nehara staff.

The tour will allow you to see the banana, date and olives plantations and the trees planted in the Kibbutz, accompanied by songs and stories about all you see along the way.

So if you want to hear what a banana flower looks like, how trees “procreate” and some more anecdotes about trees’ secret sex life, and if you love to sing- the musical tour though the Kibbutz’s orchards is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

* The tour is intended for groups of minimum 10 people, it is two hours (or two kilometers) long and costs 25 N.

Finally, Erica was kind enough to record a Station-ID for k106.3!

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