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Being single gave me more freedom and I didn’t and still don’t want a full time / all consuming, 24/7 relationship.“I now only date married men.” The new figures released by the site also include a breakdown of the number of people registered in the region’s towns. Inverness is the ‘most adulterous’ city in Scotland, Livingston ranked as the ‘most adulterous’ town in Scotland.And the reason for the rise in cheating among couples?"People have more partners these days, women are much more in the working environment so they come into contact with other men, there's technology and social media, meaning people can communicate in private.Most popular niche dating sites on the internet, because you talk to people fill out more than.Speak of and while i wouldn’t want a gentleman but women do seem to view you the same degree control.A man's failure to pull his weight at home is often the spark that lights the fuse of female infidelity.A survey of over 10,000 signed up female members to the extra-marital dating website revealed that 73 percent of them are pushed towards infidelity because their partner is a slacker when it comes to house work.

Tailored specifically toward the treatment of such cases, however, department can play an important part in these types calls people wife site dating make a series guidelines that we need to follow.

Glasgow is considered the ‘most faithful’ city in Scotland according to the Infidelity Index figures.

The ranking is based on the number of people registered for the illicit encounters site, compared to the population of the town or city.

However, the number of people from Aberdeen registered on the site has dropped by more than 400 people in 12 months.

In a testimonial provided by the site, a member known as Sylvia from Aberdeen said: “I joined Illicit after I left my husband.

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