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Part of her heartbreak came from years of hiding her sexuality. From a very early age, Chely Wright knew two things about herself: She loved music and she was different than the other girls. "I'd made a deal with God early on that I'll go without love in my life, just give me music," she later explained.From early on, Wright knew that she wanted to be a country star, just like her idol Loretta Lynn.Even though she had been living as a gay woman since her 20s, she pushed away country radio DJs and journalists when they tried to scratch beneath the surface, damaging her image in the process.“I became so detached, I think people thought I was snotty or cold or hard to get to know,” Wright told Morales.Brooklyn, New York meets Como, Mississippi in this treasure of auditory bliss. Country singer Chely Wright's career really took off in the late 1990s with such popular country songs as "Shut Up and Drive" and "Single White Female." In 2006, Wright went through a difficult time, nearly committing suicide. But she put those desires aside to pursue a musical career.

"Shut Up and Drive" proved to be her first Top 20 country hit.

“Our fan base is conservative; pretty much our industry, the people who run it, have conservative beliefs, and it’s widely known to be about God and country and family.

For some reason, people don’t think that can coexist with being a homosexual.” And Wright herself bought into the belief.

UPDATE: Here’s the second part of this post, which was posted yesterday, April 29th, as a followup.

Broadway was able to chat with Kristi’s fiance and find out a little bit more about Kristi …Last week, I told you about Kristi Hansen, a fixture in St.

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