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She doesn't have many friends, and the ones she has don't always understand her side of story. There she meets Jughead Jones who she soon finds out is a lot like her. A modern day, gender swapped take on the 90s movie classic 'She's All That'.

But as she can't hold her little secrets hush anymore everything will change for her in Riverdale. The rest of the Archie gang are also at the hospital for various reasons. What secrets does Veronica have buried inside and is there more to her mental health issues than her mother first thought. For all her efforts, Jughead was willingly, confidently, inevitably crossing over to the dark side, and there was not a thing she could do to change his mind. ” she asked, trying her best to keep her voice steady. Betty's plan for her birthday was to curl up on the couch with a bucket of Cherry Garcia and binge watch action movies until she passed out in a sugar coma. She would do nicely with some Arnold Schwarzenegger and car chases, thank you.

Played by 22-year-old newcomer Madelaine Petsch, we'll watch as Cheryl comes to terms with her brother's death while still maintaining a facade as queen bee of Riverdale High."It's kind of the perfect break," the natural-born redhead shares while driving around the series' home city of Vancouver.

Petsch confirms that feelings of incest aren't completely unfounded between the siblings.

"On the set, we call it twincest," Petsch tells "We do play on that just a hair.

Or could it be Betty, who seems prim and proper but clearly has some suppressed anger—as evidenced by the scene in which she drives her fingernails into her palms until they bleed.

We’re guessing as the weeks go on, the list of suspects is going to get longer—not shorter. So far, the show’s version of Veronica Lodge seems nice enough, but she does give off some undeniably witchy vibes—especially when she first walks into Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe wearing that hooded cape.

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