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The founder of dating service Hong Kong Matchmakers, which gives no-nonsense advice to clients - all of whom are female - seems to imply that Hong Kong women are all self-obsessed snobs.

She has followed it up with The Man Manual: A Guide to Understanding Men, which was launched last week at the Hong Kong Book Fair. She believes women aren't in a position to make many demands when the gender ratio is so skewed towards men.

In this day and age meeting other likeminded people can often be a challenge, especially with our busy lifestyle.

We understand that the way we date and find love has evolved and next to the traditional methods, there are various new dating forms available to singles.

“You walk out and it’s the biggest interrogation of your entire life.

They bombard you with questions; everything from ‘How much do you make a year? ’.” The hugely popular show attracts an audience of over 50 million people per episode, all addicted to the intense and often materialistic responses from the contestants – one notably saying that she’d rather be crying in the back of a BMW than laughing on the back of a bike. He was approached to participate because of his unique background – and the unusual story behind his command of Mandarin.

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