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Cognitive therapy is essentially a method that identifies and helps a person to correct specific errors in what he or she is thinking that produces negative or painful feelings.

These erroneous or distorted thoughts also influence the person on a behavioral level, and result in maladaptive choices or reactions.

Three phases of CBT may unfold over the course of the inpatient, partial hospital and IOP programs, and some or all of them may take place during outpatient therapy.

As stated before, CBT provides the therapeutic foundation upon which each individual’s treatment is then personalized and tailored to meet specific needs.

This type of therapy is done to change how you think and feel about food, eating, and body image.

It is also done to help correct poor eating habits and prevent relapse.

During cognitive-behavioral therapy for eating disorders, you learn: Cognitive-behavioral therapy is used to treat the mental and emotional elements of an eating disorder.Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, is the leading evidence-based treatment for adults with eating disorders and is also adapted for use with younger patients.It is based on the theory that a person’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are interconnected and can be restructured to support new, healthier thoughts and actions.Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an active type of counseling.Sessions usually are held once a week for as long as you need to master new skills.

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