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He transferred to the University of Iowa, where he was in the pre-med program.

After he received his BS from Iowa he backpacked throughout Europe.

Talking at the premiere of Life Happens in Century City, Calif., on Monday, the Client List star – who is single – outlined his notion of what his beloved should be like.

First of all, said 2005’s PEOPLE’s sexiest man, she should be appreciative, uncomplaining and polite.

(It looks like the shout out to Adam Levine may have been taped just prior to this party.) I would bet that Hewitt is US’ source.

This isn’t the first guy from “The Client List” that Hewitt has hooked up with.

“I think [doing this movie has] given me a better perspective on my relationships with women. The two women that I’m trying to decide between [in the movie] …

The movie sets up this love triangle where my character has to decide between doing what is expected or choose the love of his life knowing that he’s going to upset a lot of people.” “It’s a difficult decision to make,” Colin explained.

stunner was spotted having dinner with Colin Egglesfield about a week ago at a sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills.

After sharing a meal, Akerman, 35, got behind the wheel and gave Egglesfield, 41, a lift."He's a friend of mine," Akerman told E!

He has two siblings: an older sister, Kerry, and a younger brother, Sean. Egglesfield spent his early childhood in the Metro Detroit area.

At the age of ten, he and his family moved to Morris, Illinois, a small community south of Chicago.

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According to Egglesfield, Hewitt was one of the drawing forces for him to participate – he didn’t want to miss on a chance to play with such a gifted actress.

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