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If this sounds like something that would help you click through to Having the guts to take that first step is about CONFIDENCE.

In an intimate relationship with a man, if you open yourself up, he could leave or take advantage of you. That’s because as humans we are wired to seek out a mate – to pass on our genes, and to have our children be taken care of, and so we get SO invested when we love or are in love with someone.THE BOTTOM LINE: When it comes to dating, always resist the temptation to change.Instead, intensify your personality: If you're shy, take a book to the bar; if you're the life of the party, initiate the body shots; if you're a one-woman guy, keep holding out for that long-term relationship.We would be failing a client if we didn’t step in to objectively say “that’s enough” when they’ve been dieting too long. Our evolutionary programming has wired us to want approval, often seemingly gained by being attractive.It’s also wired into most of us to find leanness – typically having a low body fat percentage and thus visible muscle – attractive.

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I CAN HELP YOU If you decide to work with me I will take away the overwhelm so you can focus on attracting the next best thing into your life with confidence.

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