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3rd Line reserve brigades from East & West Lancs plus Welsh were all posted there. It was under the direct control of the Board of Management and employed upwards of 1500.

National Filling Factory Banbury, Oxfordshire, was built in December 1915, a facility of wooden huts separated by earth blast walls. The huts were removed in 1924 and the remaining earthworks were placed on the Heritage at Risk Register in 2015.

Bettisfield Park camp was situated between Whitchurch and Ellesmere in Shrophire.

The camp was constructed in the Deer Park of the mansion which was the home of the Hanmer family. 2 (TF) Artillery Training School, later called 2nd Reserve Brigade TF. In 1917 they also began filling H.2 mines and a mustard gas facility was added, filling gas shells with the blister agent.

A public meeting was arranged in Dumfries Town Hall on 21st March, 1919 on the proposed merger and representatives were approached of football three clubs from Dumfries and Maxwelltown:- • Dumfries F. • 5th Kings Own Scottish Borderers football team • Arrol-Johnston Car Company And so Queen of the South F. In one of his addresses, he called Dumfries, "Queen of the South", and this became synonymous with the town.(Team photo from the first ever Queen of the South game, 16th Aug 1919) Queen of the South are separate from a much earlier Dumfries club named Queen of the South Wanderers that existed from 1873 to 1894 who also played at Palmerston.The most prominent player for Wanderers was centre half David Calderhead who was there from 1881 - 89.Dunkirk Colts secured the championship with back to back wins over Southwell City Sharks.In the first meeting of the teams Dunkirk win 4-1 as Jake Wright scored twice, Ross Mc Parland and Jack Campbell got one each.

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In the return fixture Wright and Mc Parland were once again on target, James Rafferty and Jaquarn Campbell Ghislanzoni also on target.

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