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A recent Air New Zealand spoof of cougars depicted them as voracious, orange-faced desperados, lunging at young men. Younger men pursue older women.“Not that I’m looking for a relationship, but if I were, I would pick an older, more established man, the tall, silver-hair look.But the younger guys seem to be attracted to me for some reason and they seem to find me,” says Mary Taylor, a single network marketing professional and the author of Bedroom Games.

When she tried online dating in 2006, she found she wasn't connecting with the same type of men she had met in person; and those that were contacting her didn't suit her at all.A German study claims that being a cougar might not be good for your health.Men who date younger women tend to live longer, but according to this dating article at AOLHealth, and the study it quotes, the same doesn't necessarily hold true for older women who date younger men.In fact, they say it is ageist, sexist, and certainly not empowering to women.Celebrities from Demi Moore (whose husband Ashton Kutcher is 16 years her junior) to Kim Cattrall have emphatically stated, "Don't call me a cougar!

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