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– url with 'sptslmtrafms' in itsptslmtrafms – (and a long link)THE SOCIAL NETWORK OF ### (18 ) – clickfordeal in the url Wait a second ...

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But I clicked the back arrow to get back to what I was looking at, and it was like several pages had been opened in a split second – so fast that I didn't see it.

Because the first page backwards was for a dating site, then another, then a pornographic image... I'd be interested in an answer to this myself, Everytime I go to gumtree I can only browse an ad or two then I get redirected to sales ads, I don't get any porn ads though The site is completely unusable after that, Very annoying No other sites seem to be affected I've used Gumtree a fair bit in the last few days, on two different PCs, using Chrome browser. However I do have adblocker installed and it is blocking 3rd party ads on Gumtree.

Property Place is the perfect tool for people looking to sell or rent their property without hefty estate agent fees."Buyers Billboard ( set up last year by entrepreneur David Lomas, is slightly different from the Property Place app as it puts sellers directly in touch with potential buyers without "all the rigmarole involved in putting a house on the market".

Buyers and sellers can register and search for free; however, sellers are charged a flat fee of £150 on completion of the sale, but there are no hidden charges.

Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you.

I remember first scam letters good few years ago, but got easily discouraged when I didn't receive answers to any of my questions.

At that point I hit it many times in quick succession to get past the junk and back to gumtree. There have been reports recently of 3rd party ads like this that can execute code on your PC simply by being displayed, in fact one was installing ransomeware! and was redirected to a bunch of rubbish so fast, that initially, I only saw the last one.

Then began backing up: Best Games – link with 'apps.leadzutw' in it Wait a second ...

No extortionate fees, no ill-fitting suits and no gazumping.

Wouldn't it be blissful to buy or rent your dream home without being at the mercy of an estate agent?

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The app differs from the usual self-promoting estate agent Facebook page, which simply redirects prospective buyers, sellers and renters to the agent's website without helping the consumer any further.

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