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That's the suggestion of new Channel 4 documentary Extremely British Muslims, in which viewers meet feisty aviation engineer Nayera, 30, who refuses to settle down as a mother and housewife.

When Nayera goes on a date with Hanaan, 35, on the show, his revelations about his expectations of a future wife spark a heated debate, and prompt an incredulous Nayera to ask: 'So she should cook for herself, and cook for you but she should also hold down a full time job?

The pair stressed that they will continue to run the business - along with another friend - despite the split.

Caught between their 21st century lives and the expectations of an older generation, many British Muslim women find themselves struggling to find the right partner.

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I would struggle trying to do all of that myself with no support.'Their evening comes to an abrupt end when he cuts Nareya off: 'No problem, we might as well get the bill.

Nayera explains her conundrum following the disastorous date when she's asked about dating non-Muslim men: 'I think race isn't important to me, but religion is important because it's a fundamental part of who I am.'Similarly, it would be very, very difficult for me to marry someone who isn't British or at least Western, just because that's also a fundamental part of who I am.' Another singleton on the hunt for a husband is 24-year-old Bella, a fashion graduate who turns her back on an arranged marriage and takes it upon herself to find a husband with the help of the Birmingham Central Mosque.

'Their date comes to an abrupt end after Hanaan announces he has no intention of leaving work to be a 'man dad'.

Hanaan, who has been looking for a wife for five years attempts to backtrack, but Nayera explains that she believes domestic responsibilities and financial commitments should be shared equally between two parents, adding: 'It is not feasible in this day and age to survive on one parent working.' The pair - who were matched through a Muslim marriage site - soon realise they don't share the same values about the role of a woman in the household.

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