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The goal of these processes is to minimize any negative impacts to company operations.The IT disaster recovery process identifies critical IT systems and networks; prioritizes their recovery time objective; and delineates the steps needed to restart, reconfigure, and recover them.You'll learn step-by-step IT DR plan development and the most important IT disaster recovery planning considerations.Read our guide, then download our IT disaster recovery plan template, which can be printed out and customized for your company's unique needs.To identify the next steps toward improving data collection, it is helpful to understand these opportunities and challenges in the context of current practices.In some instances, the opportunities and challenges are unique to each type of organization; in others, they are common to all organizations and include: Previous chapters have provided a framework for eliciting, categorizing, and coding data on race, ethnicity, and language need.All projects will require some sort of changes during its lifetime, these changes in configuration need to be managed properly.Configuration management is key to a successful project.

It begins by examining current practices and issues related to collecting and sharing data across the health care system.

Plan your configuration management from the start to ensure success.

Be sure to plan ahead for how you're going to manage configuration on your project.

The bottom chart monitors the range, or the width of the distribution.

If your data were shots in target practice, the average is where the shots are clustering, and the range is how tightly they are clustered.

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Control charts for variable data are used in pairs.

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