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It’s hard to be judgmental when you can’t help but see a situation from every angle. Your lady-lawyer girlfriend will be more likely than your average woman to view the situation logically and understand the “mitigating factors” (stuff that makes your “crime” less bad – you had a really busy week at work, you had a fight with your best friend the night before, etc.) And since many lady lawyers work long hours, they often cut their boyfriends and husbands slack for missing “personal deadlines.” This isn’t to say that a lot of us aren’t very romantic, but as a lawyer, you can’t help but develop a logical streak. However, lady lawyers who work long hours at demanding jobs tend to be less forgiving when their boyfriends are casual about time or scheduling. Some lady lawyers will put on a “fun” act in the early stages of dating.

While it’s always good to put your best foot forward when you first meet someone, it’s never good to be fake, and attempts to feign “fun” can come across in a strange way.

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