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) The thing that stuck out the most to me, however, was this notion of “PLUR” that was floating around the festival grounds.A new acquaintance, who was part of my rave group, explained to me that this acronym is the reason why everyone at an electronic dance music (EDM) concert or festival is super friendly.My body was carried by the sound, hips oscillating, hair in my face, arms outstretched, at worship. I feel like this one should be pretty obvious, but apparently some people need a little help with the concept. I was in ecstasy, but I opened my eyes to someone shrieking, "Can you take a picture of my tits? Don't grind up against me, don't put your groin area directly on me or really anywhere near me. You guys, it is really frustrating and distracting when people stand motionless in the middle of the dance floor and engage in conversation. You're yelling at one another because the music is so loud, so everyone else can hear you screaming your heads off instead of the cool house track that we're trying to dance to. Check out this list of 11 reasons to date an “EDM” chick and grab that girl with the face gems and tutu. And no, I’m not going to stop talking about Diplo anytime soon. Look for the 20 and realize the 80 only serve to distract! This article is beyond stupid even if it was meant to not be taken seriously.Be prepared to listen to and/or talk about electronic music 24/7 or GTFO. Also, these electronic festivals are NOT and I repeat are NOT REAL RAVES!!!!In fact, my ideal first date actually entails going out for milkshakes at my favorite diner by the beach followed by taking a stroll on the sand while watching the sun set.As a heterosexual male in his early 20’s living in the 21st Century, my idea of dating looks something like this: As you can see, this is a pretty linear model as to what I thought dating was about, which pretty much boils down to getting the girl of my dreams, falling in love with her, and living happily ever after with our new family.

Not only that, but the entire Las Vegas Speedway was covered in lights, giant ferris wheels and other colorful carnival rides lit up the night sky, and fellow ravers were giving each other light shows with their customized LED gloves (and did I mention that there were a ton of lights around?

u know some talk lots while i only wanna enjoy music, they can b really annoying unless i got good stuff and feel i wanna chat as well. There's a lot of touching and hugging going on, but it's usually platonic, and people who go there with the intention of trying to hook up with girls on E are usually looked down on. I don't think girls would be dirtier, maybe less classy because its a different environment than going out to a nice bar.

Raving isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think about going out on a date.

This article is depressing, and a lil disclaimer at the end (” i’m not totally serious i just wanna have fun”) is not doing anything to help. He or she is probably pretty fun at parties, he’s been to a lot of them (usually afterparties) and knows how to make sure everyone is having a good time and being safe without playing grampa. Ok, there are a lot of folks out there that I see at concerts who could brush up on their PLUR but for the most part, the EDM listeners tend to know what’s up.

Please squat and place me on your shoulders so I can have a better view of the show. But thanks for writing that, helps re-sparking my faith in my generation.

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