Dating a schizoid girl

What is important to understand is that this eccentricity does not necessarily signify psychological illness; in fact, schizoid people run the gamut from the hospitalized catatonic patient whose condition mimics schizophrenia to the saner than average creative genius.Fears of Engulfment The schizoid personality is attracted to vocations such as philosophy, theoretical science, and the creative arts in part because of their tendency to withdrawal in fantasy as a defense mechanism.

When I arrived in Australia he did not treat me as a partner at all despite the fact that he presented himself as wanting a serious relationship and have a family.

As it is hard to be successful and be seen in a positive light while hiding, their desires are in conflict.

In the end, however, the desires to be successful and be seen in a positive light publicly trump the desire to avoid human interaction. Romantic relationships may be mostly focused on relatively superficial things, such as sex.

He did very strange things, such as: He would sit by himself on the couch separate from me.

I would ask him if he could sit down next to me and he used to say: "I have been living by myself for 10 years and this is what I am used to doing". When trying to kiss him he would tell me that I was very demanding and I had high expectations, many times he would say "no".

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Covert schizoids appear to be very social, have an active social life, and can even seem extroverted on the surface.

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