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They will also be obliged to draft a business plan in which they outline how they protect the rights of the prostitutes, prevent human trafficking and ensure that the prostitutes are in good health and have a safe working environment.

You are there to be used.” A change in the law to criminalise buying sex and decriminalise selling it would send a “massive psychological message” to the women in her position, she says, and would have made it easier for her to seek help.Several companies already enforce a minimum age of their own accord but this will now be extended to cover all prostitution companies in Amsterdam.Prostitution operators will be required to take more responsibility for tackling abuse in the industry.He gives a clear, easy-to-read, matter-of-fact, nonpornographic account of it in "Paying For It," which I read yesterday.I'd be especially interested in talking about this subject with people who have actually read the book (and I'd appreciate it if you would use the link above to buy it).

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With the first woman I met in Sosúa, I tried only to photograph. This was not a reflection of hesitation rooted in principle — I didn’t find her attractive.

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