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No matter whether you are collecting Georgian glass, Victorian glass, Edwardian glass, Art Deco, Art Noveau or later glass, we hope to have something in stock that will appeal to you.

We also try to make our web sites into repositories of information for anything to do with glass from these periods, and you will find links to other web sites, information on particular designers and styles, brief histories of glassmaking and other useful data.

Another feature that determines collecting choice is the external decoration of the bowl by cutting, painting or engraving.

This decoration serves a number of different purposes.

Indeed Hartshorne's seminal work still forms the basis of the classification broadly adopted by specialists today for 18 century English drinking glasses, the sector which makes up the biggest slice of this particular market.

If Georgian drinking glasses aren't what you are looking for then, from time to time, you'll find eighteenth century candlesticks, decanters, jelly glasses, kitchenalia, oil lamps, sweetmeats, taper sticks, wine bottles and other items.

The general information regarding 18th century/Georgian glass on this site will be built up over time so that you can also use it as a reference source for anything to do with eighteenth century glass. Let us know if you think we can improve our service in any way.

Here glasses are classified according to the shapes of their stems, bowls and feet and to the decoration within the stem, formed by the inclusion of twists of air, opaque white or coloured glass threads.

All of this affords a well-defined base for enthusiasts to study the material and acquire specimens.

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