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Most, fortunately, are on the better end of the scale.Meeting Colombian men as a foreign woman won't be a challenge in the slightest.Later, he asked where we were going for dinner and has since organised both a night at the pub with his friends (which firmly included me) and pressed me as to when we would be seeing the new exhibition at the National Museum. ” While I would never want to “be rid” of my boyfriend – he is so instantly lovable even homeless people are warmed by the approach of his mega-watt smile – I hope my impending trip to England might provide us with some healthy distance. Most of the population lives either in the highlands of the Andes or along the coast of the Caribbean. More than three quarters of Colombians live in cities, making it one of the most urban Latin American countries.The northwest attracts a large number of Europeans, while the southwest has a higher proportion of Africans, and the less populous inland area holds Amerindians.Nowadays many people from Venezuela and Middle-Eastern countries move to Colombia for improved personal and professional opportunities.Your exotic hair, accent and questionable dance moves will attract a great deal of (sometimes unwanted) attention, whether you're out or just on a bus.While at times this can be a little irritating, you'll be pleased to hear that, beyond a few remarks, Colombian mend tend to think a lot of talking and dancing is the way to a woman's heart (or elsewhere), as opposed to the practise elsewhere in South America (looking at you Buenos Aires) of just grabbing women..........................................................................................................................................

With their medium-dark looks and healthy lifestyles, Colombians tend to look sultry.

) I somehow found my boyfriend, a smart yet relaxed, driven yet right-thinking individual with whom I’ve spent a very happy year.

He has grinned and rolled his eyes at my need to control and plan everything; I have indulged his obsessions with both Real Madrid and the English monarchy and learned to speak Spanish with around half the letters.

Colombians appear Hispanic although generally with more European features compared to for example Mexicans.

If you fell in love with the country or just the ladies here are some tips on how to date a Colombian woman. And this rule is universal before you begin any relationship.

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