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People have long had a love of lavender, dating back over 2000 years, when Egyptians regularly applied lavender as a perfume and used it as a fragrance for their homes.

Chris has a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Oregon University in History.

The health benefits contained in the lavender plants antibacterial properties are beneficial to both your body and mind.

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The antibacterial properties of lavender essential oil can treat a variety of minor medical conditions, such as bee stings, burns, and muscular pains and can also be used for the treatment of minor wounds and abrasions to reduce scarring.

The essential oil of lavender is also well known to help with anxiety and has a calming effect on your emotions.

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  1. *Points at mute button*I know, obvious things can be hard to see when you dont have eyes or a brain.2. Fewer people means we at least have some chance of the few we get stuck with being somewhat competent, and thats better than what we have now. I almost never mute anyone in chat because I rarely get flamed but I can't imagine that voice chat would have any benefits specifically to me if it would be taking me from being able to chat communicate with people to having to mute them and being stuck with just pings.