Dating culture in burma

* To restore Federal Democracy in Burma as well as self-determination in Shan State.

* To promote Nationalities of Shan State in any ground in order to equalize with other Nationalities of Burma.

With 135 recognized ethnic groups living inside a country not even the size of Texas, there is no one word or image to adequately capture Myanmar.

In the north, snowy peaks shelter the Kachin peoples; out west, the Muslim Arakanese struggle for recognition; in the far southern islands, groups of “sea gypsies” follow the fish.

Following the September 2007 street protests in Burma, many Buddhist monks were arrested, disappeared, beaten and even killed.

During the crackdown, monks and nuns inside Burma asked monks living outside of the country to continue to their struggle.

They live in villages that are small clearings in the forest. A nearby stream or river may provide a place for villagers to bathe, do washing, and collect drinking water.Some natives consider Burma to be a negative reminder of colonization.However, many others argue that Myanmar (Republic of the Union of Myanmar), is a title chosen by an authoritative government and exclusive of the country’s ethnic nations.Moving forward with President Thein Sein’s public reforms, most other countries accept the latter name.Members of various ethnic groups tend to prefer the previous name.

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* To help the people participation in Constitution making process of Shan State."...

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