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The financial expectations in the gender game have also become far more modern in Holland where a guy is certainly not expected to try and pick up the bill.

Part of women asserting themselves involves throwing out the old dependence on men to be financially strong and most Dutch seem to prefer a 50-50 approach. True to their pragmatic selves, the Dutch flirt in a way that resemble negotiations. Once chemistry is confirmed both express their agendas and negotiations can begin.

In a way that, if you look like a normal guy in your country of origin, you’re just about a 12 years old kiddo here. Maybe they’d rather lie down – like dead bodies with some brightness of vitality left – since they are too tall and get clumsy because of that. It’s communication, it’s care, it’s something deeply connected to the senses. I'm not sure what I'm still doing here but I'm trying to figure it out,among others writing a blog about the life of an Italian in the Netherlands and Genti di Olanda (just in Italian).

People that grew up with boiled potatoes and cheese that tastes like wax, might have lost this part. Let’s dig deeper and talk about “the fact that the Nederlands has been a huge colonial empire in the past with slaves”. And I’m proud to be an endependent women, who can pay her own bills, but… When we first met, I saw him and thought it was such a nice guy.. that we eleminate the benefits of old fashioned romance and courtesy. We made it too easy and therefor disadvantaged ourselves.For instance, whilst in most of the world it’s up to the man to swallow his fear and start up a conversation or ask someone to dance, in Holland the women tend to be a little more forthcoming.Some find this a little daunting whilst for others it’s a welcome break.

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