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There was something really hot to me about chasing a girl who was semi-off the market. When she did finally get married, we stopped hooking up and talking.

Like, she wasn’t married yet, so there was still a chance I could get her to want to be with me, so it was a chase. At that point, I knew I was just entering into a very messy situation if she ever got caught, and I wanted out before it ever got that bad.

But it'd be highly offensive if I found out some other way.

But some girls will be immediately turned off by “small talk,” or will share a minimal amount making it harder to extend the convo to something deeper. I’ve also included a free guide to “Becoming The Guy that can Strike up a Conversation with any Girl and Keep them Engaged.” So be sure to grab that at the end of the post.

I was in a good mood, and I wanted to see if I could make her laugh. Seinfeld has honed his craft over the years and developed a remarkable ability to observe the world around him, and turn seemingly boring and bland scenario into a gut busting joke.

This mentality of observing, rehearsing, and trying new ideas can be applied to your conversations with women.

That's because pornography addiction is not about sex.

It's a symptom of an human being and to replace it with impersonal sensual imagery.

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